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In today's business climate, our name is more appropriate than ever.
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Dynamic Funds is a Canadian success story, built on non-negotiable beliefs that drive everything we do. We began by challenging the status quo in investment management, and we continue to do so today.
Since beginning as an independent investment club in Montreal, we have evolved into a powerful, difficult-to-replicate company that provides investors with many advantages. We view ourselves first and foremost as ambassadors of portfolio construction excellence, and believe that our job is to produce investment solutions that meet and exceed expectations.
Dynamic Funds Tower
Through Legitimately Active Management™, we add significant value to any investment portfolio.
We firmly believe that Legitimately Active Management matters. We consider it to be the cornerstone of exceptional portfolio construction.

True active management offers a definable method for growing wealth

It offers real value to investors for the fees they are charged

It provides investors with specific solutions, not just products

It helps protect investors from the mistakes of the herd

Investment Environment

Our Portfolio Managers are provided with an investment environment that allows them to have an independent approach to investing.

We do not believe in unnecessarily constraining our Portfolio Managers when they find a great investment opportunity.

We are benchmark-aware, but not slaves to the benchmark. Our Portfolio Managers do not start with the benchmark when building portfolios. We let the market provide us with opportunity, rather than direction.

We do not wait for others. Our Portfolio Managers are encouraged to be opinionated and have high conviction in their ideas. We are comfortable in taking an approach that has not been done before.

The highly competitive drive to be the best and deliver strong longterm performance to our clients is what unites our investment team.

Our Portfolio Managers take full ownership of their products by personally investing their own money directly alongside our clients' in the funds they manage.


We are one of a few fund companies in Canada who can make a real difference in the portfolios of Canadian investors. We continually strive to produce portfolio excellence.


We are portfolio difference-makers.
Our actively managed solutions can add significant value to any portfolio.

Our people are insightful,
opinionated, non-conformist, accessible, passionate, dedicated, performance-driven, and experienced.

Our culture is Dynamic in name and Dynamic in action.
We take a boutique approach, but with a competitive, forward-thinking global mindset.

We are committed to earning our fees.
We will do so by being truly active and deliberately differentiated from our competitors.

Our product lineup is relevant, forward-looking and diversified.
We will keep up with your investment needs today and in the future.

We are more
Dynamic than ever
Speak to your financial advisor about how to make Dynamic Funds a part of your portfolio.
Head Office
Dynamic Funds Tower
1 Adelaide St. E., Ste. 2800
Toronto, ON M5C 2V9
Toll free: 1-866-977-0477
Tel: 416-363-5621
Customer Relations Centre
Toll free: 1-800-268-8186
Tel: 514-908-3212 (English)
514-908-3217 (French)
Fax: 416-363-4179 or 1-800-361-4768
Email: service@dynamic.ca
Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Dynamic Funds® is a registered trademark of its owner, used under license, and a division of 1832 Asset Management L.P. ™Trademark of its owner, used under license.